It is said that dogs have whiskers because...

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Just like any other animal, Dogs use their whiskers for sensory reasons. Whiskers are like radars or antennae that receive information and transmit it to the brain. It is an important tool used by the dog to feel its way in the dark. Whiskers help your dog locate its water bowl in the middle of the night without bumping to the side table.

The whisker is a sensitive organ of touch that is comparable to the human’s fingertips. These very sensitive tactile hairs receive the vibrations in the air currents and send the message to the brain. The dog can then sense the presence of a predator or an object in its way. It is a good navigation tool that is especially useful when the dog is foraging at night and it is more difficult to see. Dogs and other animals feel their way in the dark with the aid of the whiskers. Whiskers inform the dog about its surroundings. The dogs’ whiskers are considered to be an important hunting tool as well. Of course dogs are known for their excellent sense of smell, but these very sensitive hairs helps the dog detect prey several meters away. Dogs are diggers. They track and follow prey in their burrows. The whiskers allow the dog to know if the opening is wide enough for it to get through. Scientists also believe that whiskers are excellent mood indicators that are purportedly used by the dog to subdue and frighten a predator.

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